A New Year. A New Look. A New Service.

A Concierge Tax Service.

We started 2019 in an unconventional way–by firing clients. Why would we do something so outrageous? Because we decided to limit the number of clients per tax consultant and only work with clients whose values are aligned with ours–who value quality and service over speed and price–and provide them with exceptional service and the highest quality US international tax preparation services available.

To achieve this we needed to part ways with our clients whose values were not aligned with ours, and only take on new clients whose values are.

Our Concierge Tax Service was born.

About Our Concierge Tax Service

To ensure our values are aligned, every potential new client first goes through an in-depth Tax Evaluation to ensure that we:

  • Fully understand your tax situation
  • Understand your needs and expectations
  • Are good fit for each other

We’re serious about the good fit thing. We want everyone to be happy. In fact, we’ll even help you find another tax professional in the event either of us decides we aren’t a good fit for each other.

And, since we only take on a limited number of clients per consultant, in the event we’re at client capacity, we’ll tell you before your Tax Evaluation so you can decide whether or not you want to move forward. If you decide to move forward and we are at capacity, we’ll place you on a waiting list and will notify you as soon as a space becomes free. We will be adding team members as demand grows, so the wait shouldn’t be too long 🙂

Assuming we’re a good fit for on another, we’ll guide you through our onboarding process, which includes:

Assigning your dedicated international tax consultant
Reviewing your 3 prior years’ tax returns for correctness
Performing an IRS compliance check to ensure you have no pending tax issues

In addition to exceptional service and the highest quality US international tax preparation services available, our Concierge Tax Service clients receive a suite of value-added services, including:

  1. An Annual Tax season Kick-off Call
  2. A Tax Return Review Call
  3. A Tax Return Filing Verification
  4. A Year-End Tax Planning Call
  5. Tax Due Date Reminders
  6. Tax Compliance Monitoring (We will be on file as your representative with the IRS so in the event a tax issue arises, we will be notified and can act)
  7. Complimentary Digital Archive

Full details on our Concierge Tax Service are available here.

Why Quality and Service Isn’t Cheap and Fast

Many tax preparation services can offer fast turnaround times and low prices because they only have a few full-time licensed and experienced tax preparers. To increase capacity during tax season, they hire seasonal and contract preparers who are generally unlicensed and inexperienced—and thus inexpensive. These seasonal and contract preparers prepare most of the returns, which are then “reviewed” and signed by their few licensed preparers. I say “reviewed” because the signing preparers often review over 1,000 returns per year. How can someone thoroughly review 1,000 returns in a year? They can’t.

And, if they make a mistake on your return, you’re liable for the penalties and interest, not them. They have no duty to ensure the information you give them is correct.

While this business model allows for fast turnaround times and low prices, it sacrifices quality; something we have never been willing to do.

We don’t hire seasonal or contract staff. All of our tax preparers are full-time licensed EAs or CPAs who are experienced in international taxation. Every return we prepare is prepared and thoroughly reviewed by one of our full-time, licensed, and experienced tax preparers.

We carefully analyze your information and discuss it with you to ensure it is correct. Making sure your return is complete and accurate is our top priority. Additionally, the preparer who prepared your return will be available to you year-round should you have any questions, or in the unlikely event there is an issue with your tax return.

The Story Behind Our Concierge Tax Service

Like most tax preparation businesses, we had always tried to get as many clients as possible when we should have been trying to get the right clients. For years we tried convincing people why they should care about quality and service over speed and price. And, often, we were successful in convincing them to hire us, but inevitably the relationship wouldn’t work out because you can’t change people. What these clients really wanted was a fast turnaround time and a low fee.

They view taxes as a burden (which they are) and blamed us for having to file as if we wrote the tax law. This often resulted in them taking their frustration out on our staff, and being disrespectful and unappreciative. They would provide us with inaccurate information, they would submit disorganized source documents, they wouldn’t answer questions or provide information in a timely manner, and they’d bitch about the bill. Ironically, they’d generally complain about a fee they had agreed to. And, if their final bill was more, it was because their tax situation was different from what they had told us when we provided our fee estimate.

We needed to get rid of these types of clients so we could focus on the clients we wanted to work with. Those who value quality and service. Those who treat our staff with respect and appreciate their hard work, diligence, and expertise. Those who are engaged in the tax preparation process; i.e. who submit organised workpapers, answer questions and provide information in a timely manner, and ask questions.

You can’t produce great quality and provide exceptional service for a low price. And we’re not willing to sacrifice either. That’s why we created our Concierge Tax Service. By working with only a limited number of clients we can provide them the quality we are known for, exceptional service, and faster turnaround times (I said faster, not fast. You can’t rush quality).

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